PROMISE MISSION STATEMENT: To help Buchanan graduates achieve their dreams by supporting post-secondary success. PROMISE VISION STATEMENT: Enriching Buchanan to be a community of choice to live & educate one's children.



The new Buchanan Promise Online Application for eligible 2020 Seniors will open on 1/13/2020.

The Buchanan Promise is using a new online scholarship provider this year for new and renewal applications. We are set to open the Buchanan Promise Online Application through Kaleidoscope for 2020 Seniors on Monday, January [...]

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Buchanan Promise online application news!

Promise eligible renewal students from the Class of 2017 and 2018 - have you uploaded your documents (transcripts and/or tuition invoices)? August 1st was the published deadline for renewal students but we have extended it [...]

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Buchanan Promise Overview

  • MGCF has been named beneficiary of a multi-million dollar bequest to support a new scholarship program at Buchanan Community Schools.
  • Modeled after the Kalamazoo Promise concept, it will be available to graduating students who reside inside the BCS district boundary.
  • Length of residency will determine the percentage amount of the award, with students who have lived in district K-12 receiving 100% of the available grant, and others on a time of residency sliding scale. You must be enrolled at least 9th – 12th grade to be eligible.
  • Each student is encouraged to complete the Federal Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) and apply for at least one additional community based scholarship. Many colleges require FAFSA as part of their application process.
  • No merit based criteria will be used for the Promise Scholarship. All students who are headed to a post-secondary institution, whether an associate’s, baccalaureate, trade or certification program, could be eligible.
  • Federal and community scholarship grants should NOT affect student eligibility.
  • The Buchanan Promise Coordinator will be available to answer student/parent questions at BHS during certain times of the school year. Watch this website and school emails for those dates and times.
  • There is an appeal process available for students. Contact MGCF to inquire about that process.
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