Buchanan Promise is a post-secondary education scholarship program that provides financial assistance to graduates of Buchanan Community Schools residing within the Buchanan School District geographic boundaries. Eligible students will receive a place-based scholarship to assist families with the cost of attending a college or university, trade or certificate program. Application fees are not covered by the scholarship.
Graduates of Buchanan Community Schools in spring of 2017 and after, who reside within the Buchanan Community School District and are admitted to a qualified post-secondary program are eligible.
Students may receive up to $2500/year for four years, for a maximum of $10,000. Graduates who have attended school in the Buchanan District and lived in the district for a minimum of four years receive a scholarship equal to 70 percent of the grant, with a sliding scale for those in between.
Promise seeks to transform the Buchanan Community by making a long term investment in education through a place-based scholarship. We want to expand access to and ensure success in higher education, deepen the college going culture in both the K-12 system and the community, and enhance local economic development.
Education is an important key to financial well-being. It lends itself to stronger ties between Buchanan Community Schools and the City of Buchanan to improve the quality of life for residents, and it provides a meaningful and tangible opportunity for all students.
No, residency within the district is required, so school of choice students are not eligible.
  • A FAFSA form is not required for the Promise scholarship but most colleges expect it to be completed. It is required for virtually all other scholarship and financial aid opportunities. There are several options for assistance if you need help in filling out the FAFSA form. Look into community and school based FAFSA filing events throughout the school year. In addition, some of the financial aid offices of the college/university you plan to attend may also help. Monies already obtained and promised through scholarships and The Buchanan Promise are not listed on the FAFSA form. (The Buchanan Promise will not disqualify you from other scholarship opportunities.) For more information, and to apply on-line visit www.fafsa.ed.gov.
The Buchanan Promise is managed by the Michigan Gateway Community Foundation, a 501(c)3 non-profit charitable foundation organized in the State of Michigan, and located in Buchanan, Michigan, and funded by a permanent endowment fund established for the purpose of providing a Promise scholarship to Buchanan students.

Funds will be dispersed beginning with the fall semester for qualified Buchanan Community Schools graduates. Grants are paid directly to the college or university the student will attend, not to the student. Funds continue to be available to all students who graduate from BCS that meet the eligibility requirements.

The online application opens during the students senior year. Students must apply by June 30th after graduating. The link to the Online Application is available on the home page on this site.
We want to leave the decision on where to attend to the student. All accredited two or four year degree programs qualify and all certification or degree programs in the trades are qualified. For profit college programs and private apprentice programs may not be eligible and could require an appeal by the student.


Yes. Applicants must demonstrate, after the first semester and all following semesters, the following: Make regular progress toward a degree or certification as defined by Satisfactory Academic Progress Standards of the school, maintain a cumulative 2.0 grade point average or higher at the post-secondary institution, and be enrolled as a part time or full time student.
The first semester that a student fails to meet the academic requirements they are placed on probation and will not receive funding but can be reinstated after they bring their cumulative GPA back to at least a 2.0. Note that the scholarship is only available for six (6) years following the student’s graduation from BCS unless interrupted by military service.
This scholarship program provides up to four (4) years of grants toward the cost of undergraduate credits at a post-secondary institution. Our goal is to assure that students will receive the maximum amount of free financial aid.
For additional information about the program, contact the Michigan Gateway Community Foundation, home of The Buchanan Promise.
If you drop out or transfer, the unused portion of the Promise scholarship will be returned by the school. You have 6 years in which to use your four years of the grant, so you may continue your grant by re-enrolling.
This would be a rare occurrence, but if it is your situation, you have some flexibility. First, if you have no use for the fund, you can tell us and we will reinvest it back into the fund for a future student to use. Second, you have six years to use your four year scholarship, so you may save it to assist with future tuition such as graduate school, if you enroll and complete within the 6-year timeframe. Third, over a six year period, many things can change and you may find you will need your grant at a later time.